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Spectral Dynamics' VXI Data Acquisition System (VIDAS) is a high bandwidth measurement system that pushes the limits of transducers and techniques.
VIDAS System Solution from The Advanced Research Products Group (ARPG™) of Spectral Dynamics offers VIDAS (VXI Data Acquisition System), high performance VXI hardware & software solutions. VIDAS combines dynamically scalable channel count versatility with features you need and critical performance for your testing demands. Our products offer superior fidelity and excellent channel-to-channel phase match for the most accurate measurements in the industry.


  • Up to 1024 independent channels
  • Modular, scalable design
  • High powered VXI instrumentation chassis
  • Full bandwidth flat response:
    • 0.1dB DC to 1 MHz
    • 2.2MHz @3dB
  • Up to 5M samples/sec/ch sample rate
  • Bandwidth licensing enables cost savings while providing future growth path
  • Automated end-to-end calibration
  • Full bridge completion available
  • Remote application control capability with pipes/socket server
  • Passive Input Panel system (PIPS™)or Smart Interface Panel System (SIPS™) accommodates front-end wiring and special function signal conditioning requirements.


  • Acoustic Shock Measurement
  • Aircraft power system testing
  • Real-time knock analysis
  • Component test stands
  • Rocket testing
  • FAA seat testing
  • Highway structures development
  • Explosive shock studies
  • Electromagnetic propulsion research
  • Calibration labs
  • Hopkinson bar testing
  • Gas turbine testing

ARPG VIDAS Systems incorporate VXI instrumentation with a fully integrated WinXP native software package called IMPAX-SD™. It uses build-on-demand database technology to automatically manage and configure your testing environment for measurement, control, reporting and correlating data timing for high-speed and transient testing applications. IMPAX-SD eliminates manual setup/calibration operations, gives lightning fast data display, and
instant review. Real-time snapshot FIFOs allow DAS channel monitoring for reconfiguring your test on the fly.

VXI Model VX2805C

A complete integrated 8 channel data recording VXI module. Each channel includes a bridge signal conditioner, a low pass filter, a 16-bit 5.0M samples/sec/ch ADC, and 16M samples of PS-RAM storage per channel. 
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• 8 Channels Per Module
• Each Channel Includes:
      Signal Conditioning, Filter, ADC and Memory
• 16-Bit Resolution
• High Dynamic Range
• Up to 5M Samples/s/ch
• Simultaneous Sampling
• Dual Ported Memory Access (2.5M S/s and below)
• 1k Snapshot Data FIFO for Each Channel
• 2.2MHz 3dB Bandwidth
• Buffered Analog Output for Each Channel
• Overload Detection for Each Channel
• Excellent Ch-to-Ch Phase Match
• Computer Controlled Calibration
• 16M Samples Storage per Channel
• Multi-Event Recording
• Digital Signal Processors
• Digital Filters, Flat Passband, Sharp Cutoff
• Internal and External Triggering
• Pre- and Post-Trigger Recording
• Gated Mode
• Dual Clock Rate Data Recording
• Constant Voltage Excitation
• SIPS Communication Port
• Fully Programmable
• Memory Battery Backup Capability
• Single Width, C-size, VXI Module
• Advanced Multi-Chassis Phase Clk & Triggering
• ECL Clock & Trigger Capabilities
• Supports Bandwidth Licensing (BWL)


Spectral Dynamics offers turnkey solutions, custom engineering, or system components and drivers, for build-your-own system solutions.