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BalanceTool: Balancing Your Way

Single Shot Balancing

With a comprehensive engine database, BalanceTool™ can analyze and learn the characteristics of each engine type it encounters. At the click of a button it can suggest the optimum distribution of available weights to allow the engine to perform at its best.

Real-Time or Post Analysis

Whether you want to balance right away or use data from an engine survey, it’s your choice.  BalanceTool™ can be run alone or integrated with our Puma/Cougar Analyzer. Using the latest communcations protocols it can also connect to our Rotating Machinary Analysis package anywhere on a network.

Intuitive Interaction

BalanceTool™ is a modern Windows application using all the best practises regarding layout and useability. Familiar menu layouts, ‘Copy and Paste’, ‘Drag and Drop’ are all features that will make training short and simple