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BalanceTool: Being Organized Made Simple

ODBC Compliant Test Database

BalanceTool™ can automatically add relevant information regarding a test into an ODBC compliant database such as Microsoft Access™.  With the ability to organize thousands of tests and the tools needed to view just those of interest, you’ll never be searching for lost files again.

BalanceTool™ can simplify things even further by automatically naming and relocating files in a clear and concise manner, prior to adding to the database.

Engine Database

Once the parameters for an engine type have been entered, adding to the database allows for easy recall. It also allows the software to continuously learn its characteristics, therefore improving its ability to balance.

Weights Database

Weights are added into a database with information such as part number and mass, they are then tagged to one or more engine types. From there BalanceTool™ does the rest, automatically displaying relevant weights at the right time, ready to be dragged into place, or to be used in automatic computations.