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BalanceTool: Working Together

Puma Balance

An acquisition system dedicated to engine balancing means you can get the job done quicker than ever.  BalanceTool™ comes fully integrated keeping setup and acquisition as simple as possible.  Starting with 4 input channels and 1 tacho, Puma is a modular system which means it can be expanded alongside your needs.

Rotating Machinary Analysis

Our rotating machinary package offers unsurpassed acquisition and analysis for variable speed measurement systems. It has the capability of analyzing rotor speeds of up to 100,000RPM at 60 pulses per revolution. With extensive real-time displays, data from up to 128 input channels and 4 tachos can be simulatenously processed (fixed or tracked sampling) and streamed to disk.

One touch of a button in BalanceTool™ and you can access this power anywhere on your network, linking it to real-time data for both display and analysis.

ActiveX Automation ActiveX Automation lets your applications take control of BalanceTool™ and automate key functionality such as loading certain documents.  This mean BalanceTool™ can be made to fit even better in your environment.