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Computer Aided Test Suite (CATS) TM Signal analysis program provides comprehensive data acquisition, signal analysis, Modal excitation, Modal dataSignal
collection with DOF increment capability, and many more features that make CATS TM Signal the most complete real-time data acquisition and analysis tool available today.


  • Up to 32 simultaneous input channels
  • Sample rates up to 102.4 K sa/sec (bandwidth 40,000 Hz – HW Dependent)
  • Output generator with random, burst random, sine, and chirp
  • Stream time histories to optional SCSI throughput disk at up to 102.4 K s/sec per channel
  • Highly versatile GUI
  • Math Operations
  • Overlay current with historical data
  • Customer designed annotation

User definable display – Contains time domain, frequency domain, and H(f) displays with each display pane having complete cursor, annotation and graphics control

Signal    Time Domain DATA with powerful display capability, LIVE tags to show computed values, or measured amplitude – display g’s, velocity, displacement for each trace, or all Time Traces, ALL AT ONCE!

Analyzer Product Brochure & Technical Specifications

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