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Support for the Lynx Computer Aided Test Suite. The Lynx help documentation uses a (.chm) format similar to Microsoft's Windows help. This help documentation is automatically installed with Lynx. The latest help can be downloaded here.

Windows security note: To view these files with, you must save these files to your computer, right click on the file and choose Properties > Unblock. (see here) Help

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• Support for Random, Sine,
Shock, and Step Sine applications.

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• Functionality of the toolbar controls.
• How to customize a graph template.
• Tips for effective printing.
• Object Linking and Embedding (OLE).
• Using the time stream graphs.

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• How to create a new database.
• Different properties of a database.
• Integration within Puma.
• Queries and how to construct them.

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Mission Simulation


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Transducer Database

Mission Sim

• Using multiple test runs.

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Puma Export Mgr
• Explanation of supported file formats.
• How to convert between formats.

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  Transducer Database
• Setting up a new database.
• Using the find and replace functionality
to automate the swapping of transducers
in your tests.

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Data Explorer


Data Explorer

• Descriptions of supported file types.

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