Shakers - Hydraulic Exciters Spectral Dynamics now supplies State-of-the-Art complete systems to satisfy the most demanding requirements for dynamic structural testing and motion.

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  • One, two, three or six Degrees of Freedom.
  • Several available dimensions. Standard payloads up to 30 ton. Standard frequency range up to 100 Hz. Four and Two Poster Testing Rigs
  • Used to perform validation, durability, squeak and rattle and NVH testing.
  • Hydraulic or electromechanical actuation technology. my admissions essay Sixdyn Motion Platform
  • Versatile motion platform for applications such as driving and flight simulation, turret testing or teaching of subjects like Structural Dynamics or Robotics.
  • Several available dimensions. Payloads up to 5 ton. Frequency range up to 20 Hz.

Help Drive Assignment Cd Rom Dynamic and Static Hydraulic Servoactuators how to write literature review in research proposal
  • Hydrostatic and hydrodynamic bearings (dynamic testing) and polymeric bearings (static testing).
  • Adjustable backlash swivels.

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