Refurbished Vibration System Series
Model: MB C150 Shaker System

Shaker Table Specifications

Make:         MB Dynamics
Model:        C150 – Special Model 2” Stroke
Type:          Electro-Dynamic Shaker

 System is offered including New SD amplifier Model 80Kva for $175,000.00 with One Year Warranty

System is offered including New SD amplifier Model 80Kva for $175,000.00 with One Year Warranty


‘As is’ with original ACG Amplifier Model 72Kva for $120,000.00


The system is offered with installation and commission on customer site.
System includes shaker, amplifier, Slip Table, cooling hoses and all interconnection cables
Payment schedule is outlined in the proposal.
Customer is responsible for shipping 

  • Force Ratings: 15,000lbs sine (peak) or 12,500 lbf Random (RMS)
  • Armature Weight: 120lbs
  • Maximum no-load sine acceleration: 125 g peak;
  • Maximum no-load random acceleration; 70 g RMS
  • Maximum Velocity: 100 in/sec max; 70 in/sec continuous duty
  • Frequency Range: 2 Hz to 3000Hz
  • Armature (axial) resonance: 2600Hz ± 5%
  • Maximum Stroke: Sine 2”in p-p;
  • Rated Travel between over travel limits 2.2”in p-p
  • Amplifier: New SD 80 KVA Amplifier yields 15000lbf Sine (pk) or 12,500lbf Random (rms)
  • Mounting Table Diameter: 17 ¼ inches (438mm)
  • Outer Bolt Circle Diameter: 16 inches
  • Center Bolt Circle Diameter: 8 inches
  • Number of Inserts: 17Qty Flush inserts
  • Shaker Rotation: 90° from Vertical
  • Cooling Medium: Oil
  • Shaker is Oil and Water Cooled
  • Slip Table is USA Manufactured and Fully Supportable
  • Slip Table with Low Pressure Type Configuration
  • Shaker Cooling System is model MB PHM-11
  • Shaker is on a common base includes oil film slip table and plate



This is your new SD 80Kva amplifier option