Classical Shock Shock employs a patented adaptive equalization technique. Not a “Once per test”, amplitude only correction, Shockbut “adapts amplitude and phase” on every shock pulse to correct for non-linear conditions on both hydraulic and electrodynamic exciters.

dissertation munchen my admissions essay Features:
  • Pulse Types: Half-sine, sawtooth, trapezoidal, rectangular, and imported waveforms
  • Belcore VERTQII seismic waveform
  • Output frames up to 16,384 samples
  • SRS analysis to 10 kHz on all active measurement channels
  • SRS calculation (Maxi-Max, Primary+, Primary-, Residual+, Residual-)
  • Manual or automatic operation with level scheduling
  • Sophisticated drive compensation management to decrease equalization time for repetitive tests
  • Direct Office links with PDF creation permits fast report generation
  • The ability to employ true random energy for FRF Calculations provides excellent system identification.
  • Provides the ability to use pulse, broadband random, or band limited random for the best system identification and accuracy.

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