CATS - The Computer-Aided Test Suite™

Scalable hardware and software to meet a wide range of dynamic test requirements

Puma rack

PUMA Vibration Control and Analysis System
  • 4 to 32 input channels with ICP
  • Up to 51.2 kHz sample rate per channel
  • Powerful distributed Digital Signal Processors
follow url Vibration Control Applications    
  • Random
  • Sine
  • Classical Shock
  • SRS Synthesis
  • Seismic Testing
  • Road Simulation
  • Sine on Random
  • Random on Random
source site Signal Analysis Applications     
  • Modal Analysis (including MIMO data acquisition)
  • Rotating Machinery Analysis
  • Swept Sine Analysis (with digital tracking filters)
  • Transient Analysis (SRS)
  • General Signal Analysis
  • Acoustic Analysis
  • Throughput to Disk

CATS Rotating Machinery Analysis - Comprehensive tools for analyzing vibration data from rotating and reciprocating equipment.

  • Dual tachometer inputs
  • Fixed or Tracking Sampling
  • Order Track
  • Spectral Map
  • Gated Acquisition (time, RPM, freq, DC, external)
  • Campbell Diagram
  • Averaged Spectra
  • A, B, and C weighting
  • Overlap processing

Networking - Unique client/server data architecture provides extraordinary network functionality - monitor and control data acquisition from anywhere on the network or the Internet.

source link Report Generation - Complete data analysis and report generation, including Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) from your Microsoft Windows XP desktop.

Test Automation - Embed test control in applications like Visual Basic, Visual C++, and LabView™ using ActiveX

Puma Basic PUMA Basic System - Designed to meet a wide range of environmental test requirements. It combines the simplicity of peration required for production screening with the power and versatility required for R&D prototype testing. The system includes Random, Sine and Classical Shock capabilities. It also incorporates our Powerful Multiple DSP Architecture, accurate control, and the unmatched safety features that Spectral Dynamics is known. get link Starts at a low introductory price - Call Today
  • The same Powerful Multiple DSP Architecture as Spectral Dynamics CATS Puma
  • Integration with chambers, and other test instrumentation
  • Exceptionally rapid correction for resonant
    frequencies – provides excellent protection against over test
  • The most comprehensive safety features in the industry
  • 2 to 4 Input Channels with ICP
  • Comprehensive vibration test capabilities
    • Analyzer
    • Random
    • Sine
    • Classical Shock with SRS displays
    • Stepped Sine


click here COUGAR Portable Dynamic Signal Analyzer
  • 4 to 28 input channels with ICP
  • Up to 51.2 kHz sample rate per channel
  • Powerful distributed Digital Signal Processors

CATS CATS Modal - Fully integrated data acquisition, modal analysis and report generation for the Computer-Aided Test Suite
  • Modal Analysis
  • Time Domain Analysis
  • Operating Deflection Shapes
  • Structural Dynamics Modification
  • Forced Response Simulation
  • Powerful geometry editing and animation tools
  • Wire frame and surface animations

The STAR System - PC-based Structural and Acoustic Analysis, supports most PC-based data acquisition system and stand-alone FFT analyzers

STARModal - Complete structural dynamics analysis package    
  • Operating Deflection Shapes
  • Structural Dynamics Modification
  • Forced Response Simulation
  • Modal Analysis
  • Time Domain Analysis
STARAcoustics - Noise source identification and sound power Analysis using acoustic intensity methods    
  • Acoustic Intensity Analysis
  • Noise Source Identification
  • Sound Power Analysis
  • ISO Standards Compliance

SiglabDSP Technology SigLab - Software Instruments - written in MATLAB- Ready to Go

For applications like DSP Design verification, Noise/Vibration Analysis, Modal Analysis and Control System design and more, SigLab is an ideal tool for characterizing signals and systems in the lab or field.

  • Up to 3200 frequency lines
  • Internal DSPs provide high
    real-time bandwidth
  • Portable operation (internal
    battery or 12Vdc supply
  • Seamless integration with MATLAB


  • 2 Hz to 50kHz, bandwidth
  • Real time zoom
  • 95 dB dynamic range
  • Optional LabVIEW