Puma FAQs

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methodology of dissertation Answers to commonly asked questions received by our support team.


  • While running Sine, I am having timing problems with the test length and time reported in the status box and tagged data displays.
  • How can I monitor the actual channel voltage levels during a sine vibration test?
  • What start-up parameters during a Sine Analysis run are of most interest?
  • What are the explanations for the various sine resonance dwell types?
  • What is the entry in the channel table for dB Abort and db Reference used for?

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  • When running Puma.exe, nothing comes up but T40DataServer is running and "Puma.exe" shows up in the Windows Task Manager.
  • I’ve recently changed some of my graphics settings and some of my spread sheets in the dialogs don’t look the same as they did.
  • After I upgraded my Puma software or while running SetupWizard, Puma and or GraphTool crashes on execution.
  • Why is it that some of my Puma documents are no longer registered types associated with Puma and Windows uses the wrong default program for execution of these files?
  • I have a Puma that is on the network and if the network cable is unplugged or the network connection goes down I get a "Hardware Server Error."
  • When running Puma, the application never shows up or I get a error in the file occmgr.cpp.
  • Data files are corrupt when using Active X Automation either remotely or locally.

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Sine on Random

  • What is the cause of messages Attenuator Error or Maximum Drive Exceeded?
  • How should the sigma clipping level be set?
  • What do the different status panel colors indicate?
  • What does the Specialized Channel Processing Option apply to?

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Shock Synthesis

  • What is an SRS and how is it calculated?
  • What do the different status panel colors indicate in Shock Synthesis?
  • What is the Recalc Comp feature and how does it work?

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Road Simulation

  • Are the window settings forced to Hanning during system identification and None (Rectangle) during Replication, or is this handled by the system automatically?
  • What do the different status panel colors indicate in Road Simulation?

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  • When running a 3D graph such as a stacked plot, why do I have problems with the display or error messages?
  • When using a stacked plot graph, GraphTool crashes when selecting type 'Landscape'.
  • When running GraphTool, the application never shows up or I get a error in the file occmgr.cpp.
  • I am trying to restore my backup of the registry layout settings from the install and am receiving an error.

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  • How do I set the proper voltage range in Random?
  • What is a monitor (or auxiliary or control) channel?
  • Why can't the drive (or monitor or control) channel be used in the transfer function H(f) table?
  • In the random vibration control application, what is the "Prestored Drive" option and how is it used?
  • What do the different status panel colors indicate in Random?
  • What does the limit parameter 'Sigma Clipping' refer to?

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