Spectral Dynamics’ Mixed-Mode is a true closed-loop controlled test in every respect. Tones, bands and the broadband base are each controlled to the specified shapes and tolerances.

Random vibration testing is intended to verify that the device under test will withstand the vibration and perform to specifications afterward. Test accuracy is expected. Accuracy of signal generation, signal measurement, filtering and control algorithms are required to ensure accurate test results.

The Throughput Disk (TPD) features for Jaguar™ Systems provide an extra level of flexibility and convenience for users who are interested in continuously storing all of the acquired test data as quickly as possible

Swept Sine testing is done to determine resonant frequencies and damping factors, overall peak G response of the structure to stimulus, or simply to adhere to a test requirement. Whatever your needs are, Jaguar™ establishes new levels of performance.

Create arbitrary waveforms to match your SRS and your table capability; provides the ability to enter a Shock Response Spectrum (SRS) into a table. Jaguar™ then permits the generation of an unlimited number of waveforms that will result in the reference SRS being optimized and the resulting time domain waveform compensated to permit replication on a shaker table. Jaguar™ Shock Synthesis permits the operator to easily create new waveform tables. Simply press a button and a new table will be created with automatic convergence to the specified percentage of error defined by the operator.