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CATS Modal Acquisition was designed specifically for acquiring data for Modal Analysis. Some of the Modal specific acquisition capabilities includeModal
automatic incrementing of modal DOF during acquisition, ability to set up multiple tables of DOF numbers and directions for efficient management of modal data, data stored and recalled according to modal DOF label, the data can be stored in CATS binary format, STAR binary, and Universal File Format, and optional outputs are available that include drive signals for Random, Sine, Pseudo Random, Sine Chirp, Burst Random, and User-defined waveforms.

CATS Modal Acquisition coupled with CATS Modal will speed up your acquisition process and assure you that ll measurements have been acquired as intended by:
  • Automatically generating the DOF Table in Modal Acquisition from the geometry created in CATS Modal.
  • As the data is being acquired you can view the Channel and direction information at any point, along with an indicator for whether it’s a response or reference location.
  • View the progress of your acquisition via your model. We accomplish this by highlighting the acquired locations with green circles. The criteria for what constitutes an acquired point can be customized.
  • When the store button is clicked in Puma, the measurements are automatically sent to CATS Modal. The measurements can then be viewed instantly by clicking on the Measurements tab in CATS Modal.
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Modal Acquisition Product Brochure & Technical Specifications

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Modal   Modal Specs
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