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The ability to use your electro-dynamic or electro-hydraulic shaker table to produce classical shape pulses with JAGUAR greatly enhances your laboratory ’s productivity.

There is no need to rely upon drop shock tables to reproduce specific acceleration shapes and velocities to evaluate your product. The inherent setup problems and time consuming snubber changes can be set aside. Let JAGUAR ’s adaptive control scheme quickly compensate for loop anomalies, including amplitude non-linearity, correct instrumentation DC inaccuracies with its built-in trend removal capability and end up with a repeatable test and a comprehensive analysis solution that is completed the instant your shaker pulse has concluded.

The arbitrary waveform feature allows performance beyond anything that could be achieved with dedicated shock table products. Used in conjunction with JAGUAR ’s Waveform Processor, you may import digital files containing measured acceleration from real world applications.

Those data may then be re-sampled, edited or filtered. Then you may utilize the resultant waveform in closed-loop, compensated shaker replication in the laboratory to achieve repeatable simulations of real world events scaled and modified, as you need, for your requirements.

Premium Hardware Makes the Difference

Accuracy in testing begins with the hardware. High quality linear phase filters, guaranteed alias protection, and extremely high dynamic range Sigma/Delta Converters, extremely high fidelity signal generation are all required for making a good shock tester. JAGUAR is the best. This is critical due to the transient nature of the data. All decisions and understanding of structural response originate from one time record, generated by one pulse. JAGUAR filters differ from design perfection by less than +/-1 degree across the entire frequency range of 0 to 20 kHz. Channel-to- channel phase matching differs by no more than +/-2 degrees across the same frequency range. The result is extraordinary accuracy. The filter design is optimized for transient operations so that the inherent ringing characteristic of all filters is absent in the operating range for all response data for mechanical systems. This means your data are NOT altered by a filter oscillation that alternately adds and subtracts energy from the actual measurement, before you see it. This means the data you analyze with JAGUAR Shock are accurate.

Control Quality Unparalleled

Rapid equalization of the external system to produce an accurate response waveform means you will expose your device under test to only the levels and duration of energy required –no unnecessary damage accumulation.

Choice of:

  • Pre-pulse Compensation
  • Post-pulse Compensation

Pre-and Post-pulse Compensation lets you decide how best to ensure zero displacement and zero velocity at the conclusion of the pulse.

Optimization of the pulse for your shaker ay be accomplished with:

  • Bipolar optimization –automatically assures minimum displacement
  • Symmetrical optimization
  • Asymmetrical optimization – permits full travel of the armature for longer stroke

Extraordinary Display Performance
Securing hundreds of time waveforms from a single Shock test is one of many reasons JAGUAR is the most powerful and capable Shock system in the world. JAGUAR unleashes this power by permitting the user instant review of all the data, including:

  • Acceleration
  • Velocity
  • Displacement
  • SRS Maxi-Max
  • SRS Primary +
  • SRS Primary -
  • Drive Waveform
  • Tabular listing
  • Spectrum
  • Tolerance Bands

Classical Shock Product Brochure & Technical Specifications

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